sole proprietorship real life examples

Some individuals prefer to work on their own rather than become a full-time employee. The process of setting-up of a sole proprietorship to comply with local laws and regulations is obtainable from the SBDC (Small Business Development Centre), by using their locator facility. A sole proprietor is needed to be prepared for devoting their time, utilizing business methods towards the establishment of a sound and appropriate foundation. Doing so might leads towards the contribution of the increased turnover, profits, taxes minimization, and avoiding other potential adversities. In 2016, the SSM took legal actions against around 478 online businesses that failed to register, whether as sole proprietors, partnerships, or private limited companies.

sole proprietorship real life examples

Additionally, there’s no distinction between the owner and a sole proprietor. Therefore, the IRS does not require separate accounting records for the business — including balance sheets — as part of their tax return. As a sole proprietorship, you can also take advantage of some tax deductions. For instance, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 allows sole proprietors to deduct 20% of their net income from their taxes. A sole proprietorship is much easier to set up than other business forms.

Sole Proprietorship vs. LLC (Limited Liability Company):

In the Philippines, they are strategically situated in places with high traffic. The reason for this is to get as most people walk in and buy any consumables sole proprietorship real life examples from these sari-sari stores. Manufacturers of consumables largely depend on sari-sari stores to sell their products to final consumers.

Was the original McDonald’s a sole proprietorship partnership or corporation?

1955. Ray Kroc opened his first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois (near Chicago), and the McDonald's Corporation was created.

A sole proprietorship is also a tax entity, and the IRS considers your business income as part of your personal tax return. Sole Proprietorship examples include small businesses, such as a single person art studio, a local grocery, or an IT consultation service. The moment you start offering goods and services to others, you form a Sole Proprietorship. While some business owners own commercial shops, others work remotely. Individuals are often the target audience for small computer repair businesses. The owner of a business can be oneself liable for income tax and National Insurance contributions due for the business profits in every given tax year.


They assist families in planning for retirement, saving for college expenses, and investing in securities. A business may need financial planners to help it set up its retirement plans and other benefits. According to the SBA, various private organizations prepared for funding sole proprietor business operations who are not qualified for traditional financing from banks.

Most graphic designers, when not employed by a marketing or advertising agency, offer their services as freelancers and operate from home. This is why a sole proprietorship works well with their business needs for licenses and tax advantages. J. Willard Marriott originally began his root beer stand as a sole proprietorship, where he took his hobby and labeled it as a separate legal entity. As he began getting more income, he restructured his business like many sole proprietors of his time and started his A&W restaurant chain. The expansion was followed by incorporation, and A&W led to the formation of the Marriott Hotel Chain.

Operating as a sole trader

This type of business brings numerous tax advantages when it comes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which means you can get deductions for your business expenses. As a freelance writer, you would be providing written content for people or brands for their marketing efforts. This can include anything from non-fiction articles and blog posts to news articles, web pages, and social media advertising. Business ownership, regardless of the business entity that you choose, will have its own challenges in terms of decision-making.

  • Local governments and state economic can also frequently develop agencies that make grants available for businesses that have been stimulated their local economies.
  • Tasks include mopping, sweeping, taking out the trash, washing dishes, and doing laundry.
  • Once you register as a sole proprietor, you can claim tax deductions.
  • There are countless opportunities that you can take up and be a sole proprietor.
  • Depending on your business type, you may need to get a business license with your locality.

This is a sole proprietorship business where the sole trader sells second-hand clothes. The high demand for affordable clothes by Filipinos supports such traders. When one is lucky enough, they can even get branded designer clothes at a fraction of the prices of new ones. A sole proprietorship is so simple because it requires no forms or filings with the Secretary of State or any other agency to form.

Pros of Sole Proprietorships

In an age where creating a business website is easy, platforms like Namecheap helps you create business sites in one go. Some sole traders have established businesses to clean people’s homes. These majorly employ a few individuals to help them move items at clients’ houses and prepare cleaning detergents. It is a sector sought after by people who do not bother someone else cleaning and organizing their houses. Many digitally oriented people have established themselves as sole proprietors with a portfolio in virtual assistant services. Most commonly, virtual assistance services offered are data entry, email support, order processing, graphic design, and English proofreading.

For optimal success as a sole proprietor, you should target a small geographical area to pitch your housekeeping services. As a sole proprietor, you’re in charge of all aspects of your business, including revenue. You decide how much you want to pay yourself and contractors (if you have any). You’ll also choose how much you want to pour back into the business. The licenses and permits you’ll apply for depend on the type of business you want to run.

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